With its digital products, H-E-B Digital offers solutions for all aspects of a business, such as. Private residences. It has over 120,000 members selling household goods.

Partners include farmers who grow food for the company that can be used for various business functions, growing, buying, packaging and selling. H-E-B values ​​and cares about partners, associates, and employees. Learn more about the benefits of H-E-B Partner here.

Various Benefits Of The Portal

Associate Health Plan: Our Associate Health Plans cover you and your family from head to toe and everything in between.

Partner Action Plan: At H-E-B, we believe an owner’s business will outperform an employee business any day of the week. With the Partner Stock Plan, partners can participate in the performance of H-E-B shares!

401K Plan: Because we care about the future of our members, our 401K plan rewards members with $1.60 for every dollar they put into it, up to 2.5% of their salaries.

Valuable Partner Benefit Card

We appreciate everything our partners do. That’s why, as a member of Valued H-E-B Partner Perks, you’ll get 10% off all H-E-B private label products, plus additional offers and special discounts throughout the year.

  • Colleagues eat lunch together, sync daily, and be friends outside of work.
  • The company organizes innovative sessions and volunteers in the local community.
  • Implements the Open Door Policy, which encourages employees to contribute ideas and maintain transparency.
  • Offers an open office floor plan that allows employees to work together seamlessly.
  • Team members come together in team strategic planning to create a strategic plan for the next year or semester.
  • Fundamentally, tangible and intangible results are produced and owned by the groups.


The following benefits and discounts represent benefits associated with many employee daily activities:

  • Staff can dress casually and play video games, football, and table tennis in a game room.Leisure clubs allow employees to take time off work for a set time to rest, relax and learn.
  • The company’s travel benefits allow employees to set aside pre-tax money for travel expenses. That way, they have to pay only one tax amount. Employees can also enjoy the benefits of parking.